* Twist-Lock lid for additional safety

               * Simple to install and use

                  * Ideal for use all year round

       * Helps eliminate odours and repel flying insects

 * Circular shape allows waste to be flushed away cleanly and easily

       * Suitable for all types of dogs (and cats too!)

                                   * Use with Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo Bio-Activator Capsules



 Installation Instructions

1: Choose a suitable site in your garden. It can be positioned amongst plants, shrubs and flowers
without harming them. Never position the unit near to a children's play area
, path or in a heavy clay
or high water table area. Always restrict access from smaller children.

2: Dig a hole approximately 60cm (24") in diameter by 70cm (27") deep. Fill the bottom of the hole
with approximately 35cm (14") of large stones, broken bricks etc. This will provide the unit with
excellent base drainage.

3: Assemble the unit by placing the slotted drainage unit on top of the small green bucket, and place
the assembled unit into the hole in the ground leaving the top of the unit approximately 5cm (2") above the ground. Fill the surrounding area with further stones and half bricks to the top of the hole, ensuring
the stones are not of a size to fall through or block the drainage slots into the bucket. The unit should
not be allowed to distort it's shape as this may affect the fit of the twist-lock lid.

4: Tread all around the hole to ensure the unit is firmly seated. Check inside the unit to ensure none
of the drainage slots are blocked with soil or stones which would slow down the drainage or waste.
When installed correctly, dog waste can be disposed of safely and effectively.

5: Fill the unit up to the top with water. If correctly installed, the water will seep away quickly until it is
level with the bottom of the drainage slots.

6: Add 2 x 10ml capsules of Clean Green Dog Loo Bio-Activator into the unit. Your unit is now ready
to dispose of dog waste. If your dog's diet contains a very high proportion of dry food, the waste may
take a little longer to dissolve. Add 1 x 10ml capsule of Bio-Activator every week.

7: As soon as the unit requires emptying, flush it through with 2 buckets of clean water.
The dissolved waste will mix with the water and drain through the slots. Add 2 x 10ml capsules of
Bio-Activator and the Clean Green Dog Loo is ready to use again.

8: This operation may need to be repeated if the unit has been left too long or the dog waste has been allowed to dry out. Agitating or stirring the waste matter with a stick may also help prevent build up of mineral sludge.