Dear Customers,

      In the last few weeks, all of our lives have been touched by the COVID-19 virus. We are all trying our best to cope with the challenges of
      staying at home, whilst continuing to ensure we can access the essential products and services that keep our lives running.

      I know these are worrying times for everyone; likewise, our staff here at SPR Centre, who through this time are giving their all to serve you
      - our much appreciated customers. They are also tired and worried like you, but have chosen to come to work to ensure that your pets and
      livestock are fed and kept happy and healthy. Our priority is, and will continue to be the wellbeing of our staff, customers and of course, your
      pets. Please know that we are taking the right steps to keep everyone safe and we have increased our already diligent cleaning routines.

    But we also need your help!

      We need to stop this virus spreading. Social distancing is crucial in doing so. In line with government advice we are implementing changes
      as to how we run our shop. This will allow us to protect our own staff and you our customers. If you can adopt these simple measures, it will
      make a huge difference:

      1: Please maintain a 2 metre separation from other customers - our in store processes have changed to restrict 'colleague to customer'
      contact. This will be made clear on arrival please take time to familiarise yourself.

      2: Only a small number of people will be allowed into the shop at any one time - please help reduce the number of people who absolutely need
      to be in our premises.

      3: During busy periods we may operate a queuing system outside of the shop. It’s Britain, it will rain, so please do bring an umbrella in case it

      4: Please pay by card (ideally contactless), please do not use cash unless you absolutely have to.

      5: We would ask that you only buy absolute essential items so that we can serve you quickly and safely. To help, we have implemented some
      sensible limits on items like food, bedding, litter and other consumables and we will focus our resources on only providing these essential items.
      If you buy just what you need, we will be able to serve everyone.

      6: All our suppliers continue to work hard. Stock is slowly stabilising, however some specific items are taking longer to get to us due to our
      suppliers having reduced staffing levels. Indeed, some of our suppliers are temporarily closed and only essential items are being delivered to us.
      Because of this, in some cases we will be implementing a reduced range, but we will do our best to ensure as many products are kept available
      as we can. Please forgive us if we don’t have your particular product in stock - our experienced staff can always help you find an alternative.

      7: Our website is still open 24hrs a day, and we are still able to deliver locally. Online shopping remains incredibly busy so please accept our
      apologies if lead times are longer than normal. We are working very hard to meet the increased demand and we know this service is a lifeline
      for vulnerable groups.

      8: Please don’t call SPR Centre unless it is absolutely urgent - check our website or Facebook page first for general advice, and also your
      emails for tracking a parcel.

      9: Our current opening hours for our shop in Fontwell, West Sussex are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.
      Please check our website or Facebook page before leaving to ensure we are open, and only call us if you absolutely need to.

      Finally, in times like this we see every form of human behaviour. We know it may be frustrating that we have to limit supplies or some items
      may be temporarily out of stock, however our staff are doing their very best in exceptional circumstances. A smile, and your understanding
      really will go a long way for people who are working so hard to serve you and your pets.

      On behalf of all the staff who work for SPR Centre, we would like to thank you for adhering to the new social distancing guidelines and most
      importantly, your kind support to our staff who have done their very best to serve you and your pets during this difficult time.

      We exist to help your pets, now more than ever. So, we are open, and we plan to stay open.
      Please look after yourselves, and let’s look after our pets together.

      Best regards, SPR Centre.